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Prime 2-Letter Australian Domain “” For Sale

One of Australia’s shortest, easiest to remember domain names,, is for sale.

Dean Kennedy, spokesman for the registrant, says buying the name is like finding a vacant block of prime land in the CBD.

“This prime digital asset is up for grabs and can potentially represent hundreds of possible brands,” said Dean.

“It could easily turn into a household name either representing a relevant existing company, operate alongside an established marketing channel, or be built into a completely new digital identity.”

Whilst the most publicly visible aspect of the domain (a website) has not been actively used in the past, the domain has been active especially for email purposes.

“A new owner then doesn’t have to ‘un-build’ an existing website,” said Dean. “They really have an open brief to create whatever they want, whether it be online shopping or ecommerce or any other dream.”

Benefits of short domain include:

  • avoiding long, difficult and hard to spell words
  • having a name that is easy to use across a range of advertising media like radio, television and print
  • being a simple, easy to remember URL
  • easy to print on many promotional products, labels and more.

Dean said a family health scare prompted the decision to sell the domain.

“I first registered the domain back in about 1995 when they didn’t cost anything, before even companies like Melbourne IT existed as official domain registrars. I previously had a domain for my business that was hard to spell, and this short domain was a great solution at the time.

“Whilst we had recent plans to create an ecommerce site, a health scare has meant I am focused on other things.

“It’s a great opportunity for a company to grab a highly valuable, easy to remember short two-letter name.

Using such a short name means the URL can easily be printed on a huge range of apparel, promotional or fashion items.

“It’s small enough to be printed on anything, making it very easy to use the short name in hundreds of different ways,” said Dean.

“You can easily imagine it appearing on advertising hoardings at sporting arenas, player uniform sponsor panels, it’s so short and memorable it would really fit in.

And you can type it into a browser on your phone or laptop without fumbling through a longer combination of words.”

At the moment the domain is for private sale, and offers can be made through the contact page.

When asked what he expected the name was worth, Dean was open in his assessment.

“Domain experts have given us a realistic verbal valuation in the mid-five to low-six figure range. Being such a prime combination of letters means there are a wide range of applications for a new owner.

“We’re not holding out for something unrealistic, but for the right company, the investment in this domain will be a bargain for what it will be worth over the coming 5 to 10 years.”


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